Two Shows Not to Be Missed

Zachary Broadhurst</a>. All my lit-hip friends will want to make sure they make it to this one, this Saturday at the Gallery. Zach’s work is all about text. The gigantic, orange “Bomb Threat Checklist” (not pictured) is worth it alone. From the Dallas Observer:

As writers, text is important to us. We depend on it to get our point across; we visualize it when we're trying to think of the perfect phrase; and we read it with the voracity of a starving dog tearing at a juicy bone. Put words, or typefaces rather, in the hands (and bizarrely genius mind) of Dallas artist Zachary Broadhurst, and you've got the sometimes menacing, sometimes comforting, always hypnotizing work...

Sarah Jane Semrad, Friday, from 7:00 - 10:00 PM at the Continental Gallery, 3311 Elm St. Sarah Jane’s lith prints of local artists are both inspiring and important. Especially if you’re from Dallas. This is also the launch party for the sorta-maybe-kinda-new-incarnation of IR Gallery, Also, I’m a subject. ;)

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