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VAST – Dont Take your Love Away From Me

…also check out Amos Lee–good stuff! Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight, Seen It All Before, Bottom of the Barrel …there are some more up there but I’ll make you look for ‘em.

If anyone has any of my VHS/DVD’s, Chuck Palahniuk books, or Mike Riddell books, could you please return them sometime soon? Anyone with the new Iron and Wine wanna put it on the mediashare?

I was a little concerned when I posted that picture of dogs humping that someone would think one of them was my dog, Pavlov. Of course, I haven’t mentioned my dog yet, only Dan has. I got him from the SPCA in January. He’s a 36lbs chocolate lab/chow/whatever mix and mostly a lot of trouble. Here’s a picture of him, looking much meaner than he is, playing with his best friend in the world, Perlican:


That’s him on the right:

I’ll leave you with a couple links:

50 ppl see…

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