Now More Complete Crap

I’m in the middle of setting up a new box, caught in the hell of trying to install ColdFusion on Apache on Windows. I’m unsure how I want to proceed, too tired to code properly (my other work option) (unless I get a 3AM second wind, which the fact that my contacts are still in makes unlikely), so I’m going to write and go to bed and maybe some genius will strike me in the morning.

I realized rereading yesterday’s post that I contradicted myself a lot. Not so much contradicted as gave away then took back; or took away then gave back. In actuality, I was just processing in real time, saying true things then realizing that they were not so true in a different, typically larger, context.

This little corner of the world wide interweb has had many incarnations in its almost-four years. It has many related corners, some stepbrothers, distant cousins. Most recently this particular space has gone a bit more distant, with the occasional opaque emotional catharsis. But hopefully what it’s intended to be: less fluff and more stuff.

But I feel another wave of transparency coming on. 2005* is becoming a year of breaking, transition, death, birthing. Everyone is feeling it. We’re all not quite scared but still wondering why it has to be and wishing it didn’t have to.

I’m going to start by talking even more about IR. But not tonight. Later…

*Or maybe the 00’s? With varying degrees of acuteness?

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