More on Design but Not Part of That Last Design Thread

1 2 3 4, all originally via subtraction. Garrett is with Dallas’ own Bright Corner, all/most of whom I somehow missed at SXSW. Keith was on a panel I attended.

So perhaps feeling the pull of all this faddy big text/whitespace/spare-me-the-metadata stuff, something I’d thought about doing for a while now anyway, plus I was pretty frustrated with coding (it’s totally a love/hate relationship, apparently I’m really into those), so I spent some relax-time spec’ing out a new design for djdc. I won’t have time to mark it up anyway, so here it is for your judgement.

Oh, I also threw this together out of curiosity and need for some funcoding (there are still some bugs I probly won’t bother fixing anytime soon). I’m not labeling much, I’ll let you figure out what the metrics are and how the UI works. It’s trying to serve you 1M in markup, not to mention the processing required on the other end, so be patient and kind. If you lack bandwidth or patience you can also try looking at a year at a time: 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005.