4 O R T Y 2 W O


At 42 Entertainment, we help our clients bring their brand and product message to consumers through immersive, entertainment-based alternative marketing campaigns.

Our aim is to carve the client’s world into today’s cultural landscape, so that, like Middle Earth or Hogwarts, it becomes a priority destination for the American imagination.

We tell our stories in the form of ‘search operas’ – narratives that spill off the page, the screen, the web, the phone–and into peoples’ lives. We don’t send an advertising message into the maelstrom of other competing messages: we reverse-engineer the process, so that the consumer comes looking for our campaign and our client’s product. We create communities passionately committed to spending not just their money but their imaginations in the worlds we represent.

Ok, what I find really interesting is that I was thinking toolset and obviously a lot of people were thinking marketing/design firm.

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