MetaUrchins Book Project

MetaUrchins Book Project

Creating a book from an ARG. Similar to what I proposed here.

The online book requires the Flash plugin. Will have to look at that later.

Check out their very readable About Us (and then some).

This website was formed as a hub for the creation of a book chronicling the recently concluded “MetaCortex” Alternate Reality Game (ARG). “MetaUrchins” is just a name we came up with to identify the many players of the ARG. As you may have already seen, the book is still a work in progress, and we’re always adding to and changing it. Once we finish it and decide it’s ready, we may publish it through CafePress Publishing.

In the summer of 2003, a fascinating socio-zoological development in the MetaUrchin sub-civilization occurred. Hearing a beacon call previously known only to birds preparing to migrate for the winter (or perhaps demonstrating characteristics commonly found in another red-eyed, furry creature, the lemming), hundreds of MetaUrchins began congregating around the vicinity of Unfiction, a formerly pristine and untouched wilderness of the internet, whose ecosystem soon buckled under the weight and pure bandwidth-consuming power of these resource-sucking byte monkeys.

In numbers far too great to be tabulated by any hit counter, they came. No cyberscape was left unsullied, no stone was left unturned, no Flash was left undecompiled. And what was the clarion call that beckoned these fair travelers to their voracious feedings? Sustenance? Wealth? Manifest Destiny? No. They came to play an Alternate Reality Game.