Not Sure What Im Saying Here

I just read this article from August 11, 2003 that I printed out to read on March 14, 2004. This is my life.

The rest of this post shall be devoted to pictures of my dog, who is teaching me new things everyday.

This dog’s name is Ruby and she’s the house dog at Lee Harvey’s. She wasn’t allowed to play with the other dogs for a couple weeks because she bit one a while back. They let her back out the other week, when Pavlov was the only other dog there as of yet. They played like they’d known each other forever and she even let Pavlov kick her ass a time or two.

Discovering the joys of sticking one’s head out of the window of a car moving at a high rate of speed.

With his best friend Perlican. Butt-In-Your-Face: a classic dog move.