Testing / the Multitude of Tools

I have three blogger accounts with a total of 9 blogger blogs.

I have a drupal blog.

I have two SWIM blogs.

I have a livejournal blog.

I have a MT blog.

Most of the blogger blogs exist elsewhere now, I just haven’t deleted them from blogger for redundancy purposes. Should I delete them?

This blogger blog is active, obviously, but should I move it into my main blog?

Drupal was adopted because of their classification system, but we’ve never really used it and a flat category taxonomy would really be best in that instance. Do I keep Drupal and just modify the taxonomy (and the template, which is fug).

…Well, now I’m testing out w.blogger to see if centralizing the updating interface for all these blogs (except SWIM, will have to work on that) helps this situation. I’m tired of having 8 bookmarks with 8 different username/password combinations.

…update: well the actually posting part is faster than through the web UI. Interesting, f’n blogger! Some connection problems though…and it doesn’t know what my default browser is.