Queen Street Commons Opens

queen street commonsI am in the process of thoroughly entrenching myself in Dallas, so this is just a random thought, but upon reading more about the Queen Street Commons, I want to move to PEI. From a PDF about QSC:

The social norms of the Commons go back, beyond Lloyds, to traditional times when tribal life was the norm for humans. Where work, life, play and family were all one. The Commons takes us back to a time when we took responsibility for both ourselves and for the greater good of the whole. The Commons is a space where relationships are not positional but real. The Commons takes us back "home"; to where people feel most comfortable and productive.

Dan James’ post concerning the opening

from Robert Paterson’s post about motivations:

I miss belonging to a community. I miss the accidental discovery that comes from simply interacting. I miss how easy it can be to look up and se a friend across the table. I miss the jokes, banter and flirting. I miss the adventure of doing something difficult and dangerous with a cool group of people. I miss the adventure of university where we would stay late and talk about mystery. I miss playing games and being silly with friends, I miss hanging out. I miss being with special people. I want to go back to the best of work and to the best of university. We are doing our best to set up a place where we can find this sweet spot of life again.

I’m extremely upbeat and optimistic today, and I’m wondering why. But it was great to learn more about a project I was already greatly interested in, and seeing that it is being actualized; I send good vibes your way, QSC, PEI, and silverorange!

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