lazyweb: i am beginning to seriously consider an iPod or somesuch, but here are my requirements:

  • I don’t want to have to use any particular software to get stuff on the device, especially iTunes. I want to be able to access the device like an external harddrive or memory device, but also want to be able to load stuff onto it with software that supports RSS enclosures (that’s another question: which readers {for Win} can do this?).

  • I want it (relatively) cheap and simple. I don’t need video, or a huge amount of storage (a gig would be nice). I don’t want it too big, but I don’t want it so small I lose or break it.

  • The battery must not die after a year. Or two. It can start degrading in the third year. I’ll forgive it that. Then, this battery must be easy to replace.

I think that’s about it. Please help!

Update: Just stole the title from smallritual. Funny, there the iPod ownership is a given, even the latest greatest. Priorities I guess. That and brand loyalty ;)