RSS and Onfolio in USA Today :

You known something is going mainstream when it hits the hotel floors, airport lounges and bathroom stalls in everyone’s favorite quick read – USA Today. Yesterday, they had a useful piece by Anh Ly called; RSS feeds college students’ diet for research.

Not feeling it. Trying to do too much. Solution in search of a problem. Well, the problem is there, but I don’t see how this is adding any value or providing a terribly useful solution.

Need to jot down more of my thinking re: distributed-to-centralized CM/KM/CMS (ala Benson).

» I del.icio.us’d JJ Alaire’s Onfolio a while back, and finally had a chance to check it out today.

big thumbs down.

Maybe it’s because I’m trying to solve the same problem and coming at it slightly differently. Maybe it’s because everyone’s brain works differently and this has to do a little with mapping ones brain. But to say that the aggregator is the one you’ve “been waiting for” is a bit over the top… I hated the aggregator in particular, and couldn’t intuitively or quickly integrate any other content. Besides, what good is local content anyway, then local content I can’t organize and annotate the way I want to (like, how we all are doing it now, through our blogging apps/backpack/del.icio.us etc)?

It’s not worth the time to ennumerate all my issues/what-I-would-consider-bugs with the tool. Overall, it’s UI is pretty but unusable more so than not.

More can be found following a few links