I’m tired as hell and have had a headache all day. I have a million things to do this weekend, basic things like laundry and mopping the film of dirt off the floor. But I am looking forward to Art Conspiracy tonight, for whom I am volunteering and therefore will be there an extra few hours than you. You, who, if you have half a brain at all, will show up and buy a piece of art and enjoy 5 of the best bands in Dallas, including the Happy Bullets and Salim Nourallah.

When I arrived at 7:30 last night, tired as hell from a week of my typical 11 hour (including commute, don’t feel too bad for me) work-for-the- man days and up-until-12-or-1 nights working more on my own pet software projects, I still got chills seeing the work that had been done all day. Some of it is truly breathtaking slash mindboggling. This shit is getting pulled off, big time. More than any IR Gallery show that ever was, I will be sad if you can’t drag your ass out to this one. One, because I’m dragging my ass out to it two nights in a row, and there were two other things I wanted to do earlier this week to just enjoy and consume, but I couldn’t because of time and energy constraints. Two, because this thing has more collective _con_scious energy slash chi than most things you’ve had the opportunity to participate in. Because by showing up you will feel like you are participating in this something much bigger than yourself. And you will also just consume a massive amount of good creative karma and sensory pleasure.

BYOB. Bring a Benjamin is my recommendation – 10 cover, 20 for a shirt, and 70 for a piece (it’s 20 minimum for a piece) (assuming you don’t get into a bidding war! some of these will fetch a lot).

Doors at 7. Art sale at 8. Bands all night long. Here.