In Studio 2006: Day 1

For you loyal readers who have kept tabs on me through this last year, here you go:

Sucker for Love by Daniel Miller …until about an hour ago still stubbornly titled “You Don’t Have to Make a Sound” after lyrics long since not included in the tune. More lyrics were removed today.

Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Tamborine: Daniel Miller. Bass, Vocals: Salim Nourallah. Electric Guitars, Organ: John Lefler

Produced and engineered by Salim Nourallah.

Hey baby, sorry for my circumstances Sometimes you gotta take your chances The only constant thing in life is change I’m just a pacifist at the shooting range

I’m a sucker, a sucker for love like a peacenik with a white dove I don’t just want someone else to shove but I’m old enough to know when it fits like a glove

Let the future take care for itself Keep the best books up on your shelf A good story never gets sick of being read We’ll have plenty of time for regrets after we’re dead