most poetry is just incomplete sentences …forgot i had “penned” that. :)

Dropped Mr. Collins at the airport this afternoon after [one][4] disappointing panel (dispite the luminaries on it), then headed up to Round Rock where I’ll be staying for the rest of the week. Mr. Hughes had already departed for the big D, but I know his family fairly well and it was good to see them again. A nice nap later I rushed back into town for The Law Project at the Vortex Theatre which I thought started at 7 but really didn’t start until after 8. So I walked to a taco stand for some dinner, had a couple beers, and met Bostonian Baratunde, who had wowed the crowd at Fray Cafe Sunday night. Lots of good stuff on his site including a free PDF copy of his latest book (from which he read at Fray Cafe), “Keep Jerry Falwell Away From My Oreo Cookies,” his podcast “Front Porch,” and his blog. His very hot girlfriend was there too, as she is playing a few gigs here at SX. I will definitely have to check that out.

Speaking of hot, Heather Gold is as well, albeit thoroughly lesbian, which I silently cursed for the first half of your amazing one woman show tonight. She’s also VERY smart, witty, funny, honest, and human. I got Erica Felicella an apron (but don’t tell her!) and with it a CD that I will have to pass around the old fashioned way now that the mediashare is gone.

Then rushing off to the closing party, found great parking, ran into Derek Powazek and finally got to say hello, chat, and be introduced to his wonderful wife who then skirted him off for a drink somewhere else. And no sooner had I walked into the party then a Mr. Benji Smith showed up at the venue badge-less, so we strolled down the street and had a beer at a bar I recognized as hosting the opening party last year.

Again rushing off to the Alamo Drafthouse (one of them) for a midnight showing of F*ck, a movie all about the wonderful word.

Got home and had a reply to my email to Peter Wilson, turns out he’s playing three times between Thursday and Saturday, and I have his road managers cell phone number. Should be some good times.