Sx Update 12

Last night was The Heavenly States, where I ran into Chad Stockslager (who’s last show I’m missing right now I think, but how I missed their shows with Kris Kristopherson and the Drive-By Truckers I do not know…will have to be sure to catch them next time they play D) and Over the Rhine at Antone’s and of course you all know how much I worship Over the Rhine but fortunately I brought a clean pair of underwear for afters.

Then on to a surprise Rhett Miller show where it was like a circle jerk of Dallas all-stars including Salim, Robert Jenkins, and I finally got to meet Sarah Hepola and outside the venue afters we discussed New York, hipsterness, and Paul Ford’s brilliance.

Then sushi and some silly Texas band and The Aeroplanes at Spiros and a late night hanging in Bob Schneider’s old house/practice space/whatever I couldn’t really understand the status there.

All rock music is beginning to blur together into one muddy hole of sameness. Ack.