In the Studio Day Whatever Plus One Other Bit

Prayin’ For You

Guitars, vocals, drums: Daniel Miller Bass, keys: Salim Nourallah Backing vocal: Michele Pittenger

I totally feel like a hypocrite with this song atm, as i’m praying for myself the way i was hypothetically praying for the person who originally inspired this song…alas…

Michele came out today and blessed this song with her beautiful pipes*, the only remaining touch required for this simple song. We had completed everything else last week (as well as most of another song that is still in process, but that Michele also sang on today).

*at first I couldn’t think of any female singers I knew in Dallas. Then I remembered Michele, who I only knew tangentially. Very excited.

Pete Rollins on desire (only 125k)

I’ve been thinking alot lately about taking people for granted. I was re- listening to Pete Rollins’ talk from Greenbelt last year and this bit stuck out at me. Common sense, but the bit that I took away was to make our relationships with other people religious experiences. To make our understanding and experience of them hyperanonymous. heheh

There’s more there, but I’ve got to go and my brain hasn’t put all the bits together. Everything is true and nothing is true.