_ When you study physics, you quickly realize that in this universe everything comes in polar pairs. Particles/anti-particles, love/hate, nerd/jock; we can go on and on. The Cookie Freedom is a type of force, and we learned from Star Wars that forces have a “dark side,” which I think was Yoda’s way of telling us about the polaring force of…the force.

So what is the dark side of the Cookie Freedom? It’s the non-existence of restriction (which ironically is also the good side of the Cookie Freedom.) You need restrictions to the freedom so you don’t have to make every single decision yourself, and to stop you from doing stupid things like start drinking at 9am. On its own the Cookie Freedom is anarchy. You’re your own dictator, so you better set responsible policies.

Now I know why people get 9-5 jobs, move to the upper west side, get married and have kids. They inherit restrictions through newfound responsibilities._