Mp3 Bonanza

I’ve been conspicuously consuming music in the last week, most of it of the quality i would like to share with you, so that you might also consume and enjoy, and support great arteests!

I’ve caught The Chemistry Set live a few times now, but just recently obtained their records. And they are good. From the latest, blue monsters:

Love (dance on the one that brought you) T-rex devours the glitteratti

Both of their records available from their web site. Their first record is also really quite amazing.

Last Wednesday I “led” the book study for my church group thing, and made a mix CD as a party favor. The topic was time.

time (29.7M ZIP, 8 songs)

Those were only the top 8 from what turned out to be a ton of songs about time on my hard drive.

time extras (68.5M ZIP, 16 songs)

…and even that was being further selective…

…more tomorrow