At the Rate We Are Going, Technology and Information Will Run Us Over...

At the rate we are going, technology and information will run us over, leaving us nothing more than a small smudge mark in the middle of the road. In our final days we will look back and wonder where all of our time went over the years. We will begin to question why we were embedding our very souls into a system instead of freely embracing life.

I used to think it was solely the responsibility of an Information Architect to ensure that our users are not flooded with information. That it was the IA’s job to be the voice of reason and the driving force behind simplifying the lives of not just users, but people. I was wrong.

With the thousands of social network sites, blog communities, and web based applications out there, and the thousands more than join those ranks each day, the lone IA can no longer be the single force behind the movement for simplicity and ease of use in information and technology. This job has extended in the very core of what we do as web professionals and it is now the job of the designer, the developer, the programmer, the project manager, the account manager, and the system administrator as well.

Blue Flavor: Information Overload (dead link)