Through the Doplar Effect I Hear a Faint "Follow Meeee!"

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I roll on over to the hot dog stand and ask the guy which way the bikers went. Just as he starts to tell me this dude on a lime green mini (and I mean tiny!) bike goes flyin’ by like a bat outta hell. Through the doplar effect I hear a faint “follow meeee!” Alrighty, away we go. So here we are, and this guy is peddalin up a storm. I was seriously impressed with his cadence, especially considering that his knees were just about to his ears. He was spinning those wee cranks even faster when standing up. Now picture that scene as he’s darting in and around people on the sidewalk and holding onto a conversation with me like this is an everyday occurence. It was awesome!

…i think i’m in love with this woman…the rest of the story is just as awesome…