Mp3s of the Day

It’s been a while for an mp3 of the day. Seems like everytime I have what seems like a really good or meaningful playlist going on the Winamp, I don’t have time to upload anything and post, or I decide to wait until I’m already logged into FTP, which doesn’t happen; and by the next day the playlist doesn’t seem nearly as good or meaningful, so I’m glad I never posted stuff from it like it was the end all of music for the _nn_th day of Whatever, 2006.

But lately I’ve been pretty down, and listening to a lot of the the Innocence Mission, particularly Glow, which I think, it is safe to say, is my favorite IM record of their substantial catalog.

I’m surprised some of my friends who are so into slowcore/shoegazer/whatever aren’t more into IM. Granted, I’m a little more so than most, having grown up a stone’s throw from where IM are from–and still live–Lancaster, PA, and the fact that there is this whole Over the Rhine/Innocence Mission fanbase that’s pretty much the same and mostly rural-northeastern.

[The Innocence Mission - Happy, The End][9]

The Innocence Mission - Everything’s Different Now

The Innocence Mission - Spinning

But seriously, this record could be some of the best three bucks you’ll ever spend. I would list the other songs on the record that are worth thorough savoring, but that would be all of them. If you get hooked on the Innocence Mission after that, I would suggest Birds of My Neighborhood, then Befriended (more mp3s from those two records on their site) or Small Planes.

yes. i’m feeling rather nostalgic lately. sometimes for the “past life”, sometimes for times before that. part of me wants to return to the simplicity of rural northeastern life. except for me that is all intermixed with the simplicity of childhood.

[9]: The%20Innocence%20Mission%20-%20Glow%20-%206%20-%20Happy,%20The%20End.mp3