Alcazar was on the German music video station we got in Sarajevo approx every 10 minutes while I was there in 2003. I’ve expressed my affection for eurotrash dance music before in this forum (I would go find the post but it’s not quite worth it). Alcazar epitomizes everything that is wonderful about the genre. The cheese is so thick and yet so entirely unironic…and well, hell, it’s just catchy, sexy, uberdancible, fun music. It’s not a record to buy, but the videos are like a beautifully orchestrated train wreck, and on the dance floor there are no odd breaks or fauxartistic tangents to deal with…just hip-grinding goodness. What puts Alcazar at the top, though, is the thoroughly sexy yet very oddly androgenous personae. The supergay guys and the porn-star women, sugar coating bad myspace sexuality so we can watch it every 10 minutes on music television and morning talk shows.

Anyway, this video personifies all of this. I do hope you’ll find yourself fully rubbernecked and checking out other Alcazar videos on YouTube. Try “Start the Fire.”