Mp3 of the Day

I mentioned them and posted a YouTube video before. I had a tassle of other songs that had stuff to do with my real life. But this record came in the mail today so I had to share.

This is an emo hip hop act, essentially. And you know I’m a sucker for good hooks and beats when they can use my most-hated phrase-of-the-moment* and I still like the song:

Gym Class Heroes - New Friend Request

on a scale of 1 to awesome i’m the shit

  • “in your/my top eight”

The Queen and I

She makes the cutest faces when she screams obscenities And slurs her words because she’s never not inebriated

…that’s my second mp3-of-the-day about drinking lately. huh.

and the fantastically named Ok, But Just This Once!

We put the F-U in fun

yeah. i have doubts that this is some kind of mid-life crisis. but i like the music too much to care all that much.