From a "Feeling" Perspective, Each of These Tasks Is a Brick Standing in the Way of My Ambitions

David Seah : Productivity and Newton’s Laws of Motion:

As I wrote down my lamentations, I noticed the following pattern:

  • Each task is a course of action is comprised of multiple steps.
  • Each course of action requires one or more creative decisions to be made
  • Each decision requires the collection, analysis, and synthesis of information.
  • The amount of time that the collection, analysis, and synthesis of information will take is unknown.

From a “feeling” perspective, each of these tasks is a brick standing in the way of my ambitions, emanating a Ghandi-like ability to subvert my will to act. There’s nothing actively stopping me from doing these things except for the lack of surety; the moment of decision is hamstrung by my uncertainty of the time it will take to collect and analyze the supporting data.