Google Code

WTF. Google Code is the same as SourceForge? So I can’t create a project in GC because I already have it in SourceForge? Or? It is so confusing and there is no one out there that seems to have a handle on it!

all these links seem to indicate it is a sep service

FAQ: Why are you releasing code through Sourceforge? still doesn’t really provide any clarity about how to get a project on GC, espesh if you already have one on SF

a search of the code discussion group also turns up nuthin’

few seconds laters: just went to SF. the interface gives me hives. good lord.

much later: ARG! SF fucked up my password. I’m locked out until a volunteer admin helps me out. I also made the mistake of getting on MySpace. The site is the most offensive web application in the world. Its popularity boggles the mind more than how GW got re-elected prez.

so I’ve been two the two worst web apps in the world this morning. I feel like I need to shower.