Mp3 of the Day and Word of the Day and Minutia and Other Catch-Alls

The Kleptones - “24 Hours”, the newest and IMHO most excellent release by the Klep’s. The Cure with Simon and Garfunkel, T. Rex with John Lennon, Elton John with Rage Against the Machine, Peter Gabriel with more Peter Gabriel with Stevie Wonder with Genesis with Edwin Starr with GW’s 2006 State of teh Union, George Michael with Bon Jovi, just to name a few. Effing brilliant. , I’ll burn you a copy; you’ll love it.

The word[s] of the day are every two letter word in teh dictionary. For example aa, pronounced AHH AHH, basaltic lava having a rough surface. Or la, pronounced LAH or LAW, (used as an exclamation of wonder, surprise, etc.): La, sir, how you do go on! or as in “La, ‘la’ is a word!” If you want to know any more, just ask Alex Talercio, who knows all of them, although you’ll have to look up the definition yourself because he doesn’t know what they mean. Turns out? There are A LOT of two letter words. Don’t [challenge][5]. And JUST FYI, a “que” is a half farthing. A farthing is a former bronze coin of Great Britain, equal to one-fourth of a British penny: withdrawn in 1961. So next time you can just say a que is 1/16th of a penny, given the current exchange rate. And I’ll say “I don’t give a que.”

To the Fat Urban Squirrel Living In Between Floors Of My Place Because My Landlord Sucks and Never Fixed the HUGE Gap Above the Back First-Floor Window and Now You’ve Moved In: I want to get along. I really do. I understand you need shelter just like everyone else. But it’s just your OCD. You scratch ALL THE TIME. You probly don’t even realize it. But you do. You scratch and scratch and SCRATCH and scratch. And you do it on surfaces of my place that resonate VERY LOUDly throughout. Pipes? 2x4’s? I don’t know. You should maybe see someone about it. Or start smoking or something. Also: why aren’t you afraid of Fox urine? You are all, “Oh, ha ha! There’s a fox moved in here too! Oh, foxes, they’re so cute and cuddly!” That shit stinks and you aren’t scared of it AT ALL. [Anyone have a pet ferret I can borrow?]

To sum up, this is how I kinda feel lately:


[5]: (Because loss of aturn generally constitutes the greatest risk for an unsuccessful challenge, itprovides the greatest incentive for a player to ‘bluff,’ or play a ‘phony’ - a plausible word that they know or suspect to be unacceptable. Players have divergent opinions on this aspect of the double-challenge game.)