Rufus Wainwright - Everybody Knows

i’m drinking Over the Rhine blend and it is tasty. medium roast w/o hardly any acidity. i’m totally into this band coffee thing; i bought 2lbs without flinching. some music simply conjures the same good things that coffee does…especially in the winter! i could totally see a Michael Miller blend (similar to the OtR blend but somehow just more west coast), Rufus Wainwright blend (much lighter and nuttier, maybe even a hint of fruitiness), Salim Nourallah espresso (strong and bitter), Innocence Mission blend (pretty much like the OtR blend, but from an Amish roaster, and included are recipies for apple butter and funnel cake. and the bag has a quilt pattern on it).

i’m overwhelmed what can i do? i can’t begin to make it through

i’m overwhelmed i’ve had enough when does it all become too much?