Vagaries? Not Really

I refreshed my site yesterday, for winter/the holidays. Still have content issues. Slowly working on that bit.

Update: Just added another little touch. You can’t see it when you just visit the site; you must do something. Let’s just say there’s someone with a special message just for you.

I’ve been uploading mp3s but not posting, so here goes:

Cake–Wheels. I found this one yesterday on my hard drive. I think it had been there for a while. I’m a big Cake fan. I had never heard this song before. It’s…apt.

Johnny Cash–The Man Who Couldn’t Cry. I just like this song.

Perla Batalla & Julie Christensen–Anthem. More Cohen. There is a crack in everything / That’s how the light gets in

Denison Witmer–These Days. St. Vincent–These Days. Not a big Jackson Browne guy myself, but both of these covers of this beautiful song entered my life recently.

and finally…

I’ve uploaded these for certain people to hear, and might as well share. These are the last two songs we did at Pleasantry Lane:

Daniel Miller–Our World

Daniel Miller–American Dream Town (2006)

…and your QotD:

the one thing i don’t understand about technology is it’s ability to change w/o request. i don’t understand how, for a non-tech example, i can put a brick on a table in a controlled environment, lock the door and of course the brick just sits there. then one undefined amount of time later i come back and the brick has decided to be a cupcake and chill in the corner.

carissa, yesterday, in response to my tech difficulties with the new design