How's This for a Crazy Song Order

So last night we created a data and two reference CDs for mastering. Why two you ask? Because after doing my order, Salim did his own order…that wasn’t just a little bit different:

  1. Don’t Tell Me

  2. High Tonight

  3. Our World

  4. I Radio Heaven

  5. Beautiful and Tragic

  6. Sucker for Love

  7. Painful Tired

  8. Black-eyed Kinda Love

  9. Numb Us

  10. American Dream Town

SO!…what do you think? I’m still just getting used to it! I like the idea of letting other make decisions that I’m struggling with or feel less able to make. And then just be done with it.

I have two thoughts: maybe switching High Tonight and Sucker for Love; and I’m just not sure about Don’t Tell Me at the top. Salim likes Don’t Tell Me and if you look at his records he always leads off with an odd one. I did the same with my first record; the first tune was called Introduction, in fact.

Oh yeah, and Numb Us being included and Prayin’ being left off. Kinda same diff, Numb Us is just a little bit more uptempo.

My final order was different than what I posted here a while back, BTW.

  1. Sucker

  2. Our World

  3. Painful

  4. Black-eyed

  5. Don’t Tell Me

  6. Praying’

  7. Beautiful and Tragic

  8. Hight Tonight

  9. I Radio Heaven

  10. American Dream Town

The exact opposite of SN’s if you think about it, strong end and beginning with the different/weird ones in the middle. I’m big on recency and primacy. SN’s is more of a single movement, with a tempo/melodic/accessibility climax in the middle.

Please! Feedback!