Don't Stand So, Don't Stand So...

Police Reunion Rumors Reaching Fever Pitch

“One of the times when they were working on the box set or something like that, they convened the three of us on the phone. Sting and Andy were in Italy; Andy was visiting Sting at the time, and I was on a DSL line in L.A.,” he recalled. “And we went down all the song titles from all of our albums. Song title: ‘Can’t Stand Losing You.’ And we each just talked about the track and argued and shouted and screamed. There was laughter and tears. It was very cathartic. It was almost like a therapy session. It was hysterical. It was so much fun.”

“We were really going at it with all the language, straight for the jugular, refighting the battles, laughing hysterically while we put the stiletto exactly where we stuck it last time,” he continued. “The engineer said it was like watching a concert. They were in Italy and it’s like after dinner, and I’m here in L.A. at 10 in the morning. I’m getting more and more caffeinated as they’re getting drunker and drunker.”