This Is What I Remember About the Gig

I figured it was as good a proving ground as any for my always-reading-the- spoken-word-stuff-at-gigs theory. The first piece I read was this one and when I’m done with any given vignette I throw the paper on the ground. Some guy picked it up.

Towards the end of the set I was heckled.

“Play some goddamn hits!”

“Did someone just say ‘Play some goddamn hits?’”


“How original. I’m sure there’s a cover band playing somewhere on this street. But I’m afraid the Freakin’ Hott won’t be playing any cover tunes you know either. Unless you’re cool.”

Play a song. Then, to Maggie in particular, “Now I’m going to really blow their minds. I’m going to READ to them.”

After my set a woman came up to me and asked me to sign the paper with that first story on it. I was kinda shocked. I signed an illegible “Daniel Miller” and said, “My name’s not really Johnny Citizen.” She said, “Really?” rather sarcastically. I didn’t give her a URL or anything. I need management.

And a band. All serious offers fielded. This is going to be Johnny’s year. We hope.