The Consummate Weekend

Thurs night I got back to Dallas after 19 days away.

Friday night was the most cinematic I have ever experienced. If only we filmed the whole thing…with some choice editing we would have a hit short film. Sadly, the combination of a lot of red wine with Czech digestif along with the truly bizarre nature of the evening’s denouement made for a very blurry memory regarding the particulars.

Saturday was BarCamp Dallas 3, to which I arrived late and left early, much to my regret, because it was fantastic. During Entrepreneurial Improv, I had the grievous idea for a business involving a team of employees dumpster diving in Beverly Hills for artifacts from celebrity coitus. Fortunately the rest of my team didn’t really get the specifics of the idea, but ran with the dumpster diving. Jay finalized the domain (which, oddly, is actually taken already). And the BA-RIlliant Real Adam presented our plan for the win! Again I hope/wish there was a camera present because the improved, totally dry comedy would be ROFL funny again and again.

Team gLitter

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