Checking In, Mp3 of the Day

I’m in this amazing, horrible, beautiful, tragic, mind-blowing, totally incapacitating state of limbo right now. It’s making doing much of anything difficult. There’s no indication of how long it might last. Two out of the last four nights I haven’t slept. I’m exhausted and wide awake at the same time. “Bittersweet” does not do the situation justice. Words in general do not.

I have been writing alot. Music that is. 8 tunes since November. I’ve posted one, Cliche, so I’m pretty far behind. Although, I’m pretty selective about posting home-recorded demos…especially after recording at Pleasantry Lane and knowing what is possible for these tunes.

So anyway, here’s another one: [Don’t Make Me Cry][2].

Pretty freakin’ simple tune. Just sometimes there’s so much tragedy in the world, it can be overwhelming, and you just want a break.

If you take a gander at my recent tracks, you notice I had a few hours with the new Damien Rice record last night*. It’s still playing.

  • I also wrote, recorded, mixed, burned, and designed art work for a new tune. You’ll see it there too. No idea if I’ll post that one!