I don’t remember when it was, either end of 2000 or beginning of 2001. After I had finished my work day, we walked down to the dock and took the ferry across to Manly. It was about a half hour ferry ride.

I don’t remember how we heard about it, but we learned of a restaurant that one walked to via a beautiful seaside path. So we strolled through the promenade to the beach, as we had once or twice before, then to the right down the boardwalk to the end of the beach. Then, hand in hand along the path, no idea as to how far we must walk to reach this venue. Taking pictures of the water swirling in the rocks. Gawking at the mansions up the cliff to our right.

Soon a very small beach, almost a lagoon, appeared, as did the restaurant in question. We sat and had a fantastic meal no doubt consisting of local wine and fish. Then we went back to the apartment the same way we had come. By then it was dark, and our bellies full and our hearts happy, that was about as god damn perfect as it gets.

Today through my normal RSS reading, I discoverd Google had recently done some arial photography of the area in question. The entire walk can be seen in that view. The restaurant must be nestled under some trees. I believe it was just off the lagoon beach.

I would share the link with her, with a note something to the effect of, “Wasn’t that awesome?” But I fear her recollection of many past events might be different, and as such, invalidating. I prefer both the joy and the longing of my version.