This Was Interesting So Soon After Revisiting This Goal...

  1. The need for space in NYC isn’t about needing a place to build your business, its about a place to aggregate community and meet other creative people.
  1. Real estate is a red herring… no one seems to be having a real issue affording to live here. (Bay Ridge as tech center?)
  1. There is a serious lack of angel funding, and the expertise and guidance that comes with it, in NYC.
  1. Our “heros” have their volume set too low. We need to put a megaphone in front of the charismatic personalities of NYC and get them out in front of more people.
  1. We need to refocus on our natural business advantages. Instead of having the next nextNY open houses at AOL or IAC, the “tech” companies, we need to be having them at CBS Interactive, NYT Digital, Digitas, MLB Interactive and Goldman Sachs.

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