Thoughts Over Coffee on a Very Quiet Unhungover Sunday Morning

The new Innocence Mission is very good. Now they are going to dominate my charts even more.

Twitter’s scale issues remind me of Blogger’s early days, and I wonder: Is it Ev? Those are the only two apps in the last decade I have both had so much trouble with and have heard so much noise about ppl having trouble with. And in both instances they aren’t/weren’t that big (yet). And in both instances they’re just storing and displaying trivial amounts of content. I was animatedly telling someone the other day, “You just put another server in the rack and plug it in! It’s not that hard!” Oversimplifying the situation, obviously, but then, not.

I have been really looking forward to the future lately. A wonderful combination of peace and anticipation, contentment and excitement*. If this little affirmation has anything to do with it, I want more little inbox affirmations.

Funny the semantic differences between those two stases versus “exhaustion and anxiety” or “boredom and apprehension.”**

*Funny how Firefox’s spell checker knows the singular form of this word but not the plural.

**I’d be interested in more such similar-but-different somewhat-binary descriptions, you wordophiles.

I have discussed the Dallas scene and heard story lately – both are very discouraging. And yet, I do not fear. It feels like the collective We are drowning the sorrows of a bad night. The evening started off innocently enough, a drink and good conversation with friends. Then that drink turned into another drink, and another. We lost our inhibitions a little bit and said things we normally keep covered up; yet, unprepared for their revelation, they were revealed violently; had we allowed them free while sober, they would have at least moved slow enough for comprehension.

So we had another, to try and forget the outburst. But then our intoxication moved from our lips to our limbs, and we stumble into places we would never have otherwise. There are people here doing harm in dark corners and bathroom stalls. Finally we end up going the only way we know–forward–chugging beers or throwing down shots at the bar until all this absurdity around us disappears. We stumble out into the street, but we have not accelerated the end of this madness–it is still dark!

But the sun IS about to rise. It always does. And you will stumble home and nurse your hangover and listen to soft music. And you will realize, for a while at least, that happiness is a better companion than drunkenness.

Innocence Mission - Song for Tom

You are my friend, though words will fail me here again. The sacraments will lift us. And we set out in the day again. Oh, you’ll never lose that light. Oh, you’ll never lose that light. Oh, you’ll never lose that light. Though so much is gone.

Innocence Mission - Since I Still Tell You Every Day

Since I still tell you my every day, my darling, I think you always hear me from the sweet away, the sweet away. Did you see us picnicking at lakeside in the state park today? All these things I want you to be part of, darling, you’ll be.

One song singing through this neighborhood is loneliness. Since I still tell you my everyday I think you hear, with a perfect vision now, oh with a perfect ear to me. All my life I don’t find anyone like you.