You Down With OOP? Yeah You Know Me!

“Does class Love extend class Sex or does class Sex extend class Love?”

“It depends. They both inherit from each other.”

“How can they inherit from each other, wouldn’t that be impossible? Wait. Are they in different includes? So if I do include Love then I can instantiate Sex and it will inherit from Love, but if I do an include Sex then I can instantiate Love and it will inherit from Sex?”

“Something like that. No. Wait.”

“Love and Sex both inherit from something else.”


“But what?”


“Ooh. But I could swear sometimes Love inherits from Sex and vice versa.”

“I think the namespaces are all fucked up. Love is under Life but also under Sex which is also under Life. And Fucking is under all of the above.”

“You have to be really careful how you instantiate those classes, man.”


“They should scrap the whole object model and start over.”

“Too late to refactor?”

“Well, would you want the job?”

“I would do Sex but only if they moved it into the root namespace.”