St. Vincent Record Drops to Music Bloggers. One More Mp3 to Enjoy Until July.


Put simply, Marry Me is even better than we had hoped. The LP, which features contributions from David Bowie pianist Mike Garson and assorted members of Annie’s other band, is not only one of the most strikingly bold, self-assured, and ambitious debuts we’ve heard in forever, it’s also one of the best records that will be released this year. And while it’s definitely important to note Clark’s obvious technical prowess and gift for crafting stunning, elaborately-arranged pop songs like “Marry Me” or “The Apocalypse Song” or the incomparable “Landmines” (wow), those aren’t necessarily the things that make Marry Me so wonderful. The time Annie put into fashioning every moment of every composition into exactly what she envisioned is evident, and nearly every risk she takes on Marry Me pays off, giving the songs the kind of timeless feel that allows the album to transcend the “outstanding indie record” tag and venture into “unclassifiable instant classic” territory.

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