This Question Concerning Whether Christianity Is True Is a Dangerous One for Those Who Love Christ

Overthe Rhine - Failed Christian

Lately the only religious thoughts I’ve had are those while walking to the dog park. There is a full gospel church at the end of my street, and on the way to the dog park I walk by it. There are almost always people coming and going, and the women all wear head coverings.

I had the thought today: Those who might accuse us of selectively choosing from the Bible what is true are simply practicing a selective hermaneutic.

A fairly obvious observation, but putting it so simply helped connect some dots in my head. I meant to jot it down in this here journal but forgot, until I came across this in my RSS reader:

Christianity and truth:

…However this question concerning whether Christianity is true is a dangerous one for those who love Christ because its seeming innocence almost always belies a deep assumption that ought to be interrogated. In the popularised battle playing out today in the West between those who claim that Christianity is true and those who claim that it is not the latter are winning hands down…

…there is a much more basic question that one must ask before this question can be understood properly. The question that one must ask is…“what is it that Christianity claims when it claims to be true.” …the issue is…to work out what…Christ meant when he claimed to be the truth. Without asking this we end up simply embracing the commonly accepted definition of truth, we accept the rules of the game that is being played and then wonder why we are losing.

In short, let us first understand what Christ means by the word truth (which is no easy task) and then meditate upon the truth, or otherwise, of Christianity. So what is the truth of Christianity? …The truth of Christianity is life. The implications of this are vast…