Found This Record Today While Doing Some Retail Therapy. It's Been Out of Print for About a Decade.

homeboy Jeffrey Gaines - Safety in Self

Now we must find a new safety in self And implement all that we’ve learned Now is the time to find our own wealth And stand on our own So much we have grown From knowing you

I know this loss was intended To let us all begin And to give up now would be a sin We can’t fall down We’ve got to keep marching

Just One Thing

I used to have a plan Had one thing in my life that I could understand But then I tried to have it all And my one thing was the first to fall

Now I go around place to place, town to town Looking for just one thing Now without a sound Face to face in the crowd I can’t feel one thing

I used to be assured Never in my life was I to be ignored But I let it go to my head All my lovers left me lying in a cold bed