Lots of Innocence Mission. Lots of Innocence Mission.

(Links to mp3’s used to be here. Snooze ya lose.) Beautiful Change. Martha Avenue Love Song. One For Sorrow, Two For Joy. Look For Me As You Go By.

This record has been kinda my theme record for the last month. More so earlier on, Beautiful Change, I recently realized, having happened almost immediately, even pre-present-historically, slightly hampered by severe guilt.

Anyway, I had a lot more to say that again will not be typed, these are songs that were going to go on the mix I mentioned a month ago that is not going to happen (it was titled “Stabbing Yourself in the Chest,” which I spent the week following the promise-of-said-mix trying not to do {clearly I was either successful or employed a very good substitute to keep my online persona alive}). I even had a post with at least the lyrics included, but lost it to a sidebar hijack by another page. If you really want, you will download, let these songs soak into your being, and if required, look up the lyrics yourself. I’m debating trying to get in touch with the IM while I’m only an hour away from where they live.

And concerning the last song: the Pennsylvania skies have been far from gray, they have been full of sunshine and clean, cool air.