Just wondering: how much and for how long can someone perform premeditated character assassination on me to such a degree? I understand the psychology of it, and will spare you dear reader (that’s just part of it). But I do know that it has to be more tiring for the hater than for the receiver of said hate. And man, I’m tired of receiving it! So how do these people feel? Wouldn’t they rather be happy?

And I guess there you have it. All I can do is choose to be happy. yay.

You thought you could keep me from loving / You thought you could feed on my soul / But while you were busy destroying my life / What was half in me has become whole

So this is how it feels / To breathe in the summer air / The feel the sand between my toes / And love inside my ear / All those things that you taught me to fear / I’ve got them in my garden now / And you’re not welcome here

from a song i posted in an mp3 mix also a long time ago.

the record is so much better now. i can’t wait to get it out so everyone can hear it