Your Chain of Command Has Been Silenced Now.

Dancers Like to Hack into the Botryoidal System

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and all those birds would have sung to your beautiful heart anyhow.

Dallas, I drove by your house tonight; for the first time in so long. You know, for the first days and weeks I had to drive around. I could not bear the sight of it. These days avoidance is easy. I generally head the opposite direction. Here I am, back in my safe house. I poured a green tea drink and scrubbed the toilet.

Even the dog could smell his old friends, his old stomping grounds. We went by the old homestead. The lights were out. So many lights were out.

I’m not sure why I did it. I imagined myself visiting you in your dreams, the way you visit me in all my moments when I am not sleeping. It is so odd how the vision I described to you in our last meeting is still as clear as the day I had it. Now only I question the characters.

I think it was Nick Cave who did it. I know now he will be on the next record, which has already been started, whose title is already known, as well as track list. And it will be the most difficult piece of art I ever create.

I saw nothing had changed. I hope for all of our sakes that appearances, and my heart, are so very deceiving.

i’ll never be free if i’m not free now.

i never was free, what are you talking about?