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{For chronological accuracy, I had back-dated posts about Greenbelt, Wales, and Ireland, which means they didn’t get into the RSS feed (near as I can tell). I’m not backdating the rest, in part to avoid that issue and also to have a record of how mad things have been since my return. I still have all the post-Greenbelt photos to process!}

Mon (Sept 3) 17:15

At the National Gallery but my body, particularly my eyes, have given out; and, only 15 minutes until I walk around to the offices to pick up Jen and find someplace to meet Steve for drinks (and I could eat despite having had breakfast and lunch).

I thought it interesting I went from the Design Museum to the Tate Modern to the National Gallery – from the most specific to the least, and my excitement and interest inversely relate to that.

(In my notebook I drew a graph. I was going to recreate the graphic for this post. It’s not going to happen. Use your imagination.)

[St. Francis in Meditation,

by Francisco de Zurbaran]14

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But damn. I do love art.

  • Art has a particular smell, one that takes me back to the gallery days and of course, unfortunately, a person

  • Saw so many similarities, where Dallas artists are derivative (but still amazing). One obvious one: Dan Flavin -> Tim Stokes

  • Saw Dali and Film but was a little underwhelmed, except for the process it revealed

  • Dragging myself out of the Tate gift shop. Seeing the same book I wanted three years ago–A Thousand Years of Nonlinear History–and making a note to get it from Amazon and read it. (Did get it.) Resisting a Tate mug.

  • Seeing Andy Budd at the Design Museum

  • Both exhibits at the Design Museum

  • Zubaran’s St. Francis paintings at the National Gallery