Nice Validation

I once said to the leader the community where I’m not really welcome anymore:

I’m a prophet. I throw the grenade into the church. You’re the pastor. You lead everyone to the bomb shelter.

It was obviously a metaphor relating to ways-of-thinking not behavior or anything otherwise. Just now I was looking at an old sermon of mine and found this, from Richard Rohr’s Everything Belongs:

The prophet leads us into sacred space by showing us the insufficiency of the old order; the role of the priest is to teach us how to live in the new realm.

I’m not sure which version of the same statement I prefer (probably mine, being a rather proud person), but I like this additional validation of my oft- despised position in like communities:

Unfortunately, the priest too often operates separately from the prophet. He talks of a new realm but never leads us out of the old order where we are still largely trapped. (Such priesthood is ineffective, though quite popular.)

While I’m on the topic, here are a couple video posts worth revisiting for the occasion: Jogging For Jesus and Parts of the Body.