Never Get Involved in a Land War in Asia

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[Jeff Buckley - I Know It’s Over][5]

It’s funny to me how we are surprised at nation building. We do exactly the same thing with our lives and communities. That it extends to nations and worlds makes sense.

We tell lies to get ourselves into something. Then, when it all goes south, we tell more lies to cover up our failures. We rally allies. Build ideological boundaries.

Many of us are Switzerlands. We just put our fingers in our ears and claim neutrality.

These stories are all too complex to understand completely.

We avoid, engage, attack, sign treaties, and culturally copy.

We develop propaganda campaigns that make the cold war look like child’s play.

What is interesting is how dreams survive the violence. They float there as the dust settles, taunting both the dead and the red-handed, frustrating a common longing for peace. These vile ghosts, these messengers of a cruel God…We will build our walls and our weapons, and they will dance on the battlefield.