There are thousands of reasons why people write blogs. But it seems to me the biggest reason that drives the bloggers I read the most is, we’re all looking for our own personal global microbrand. That is the prize. That is the ticket off the treadmill. And I don’t think it’s a bad one to aim for.

I’ve started reading gapingvoid again recently after taking some time off (approx 9 months), and have been enjoying it immensely. We’re thinking about the same kind of things he just puts them into words and cartoons much better.

Have had a very nice balance of online and IRL interactions this week, (meaning more IRL than usual).

Things are much different for me these days, and yet some things stay the same.

I have to go shower etc because I’m about to go have more IRL with smart beautiful inside/out kind of people.

I get a new bicycle tomorrow.

Yesterday I accidentally clicked “Mark all as read” instead of “Refresh” and instantly went from 1000+ unread items in Reader to like 24 or whatever. A user interface bug that might actually be a good thing.

Dan Wilson: Come Home Angel straight into Cry straight into Golden Girl is a little heartbreaking, but beautiful!