In General

Things are good.

Art Conspiracy is* tomorrow night. Come out and etc etc. I’m a contributing artist this year and am fairly pleased with my piece, especially compared to what I did for Art Conspiracy 1 (last year I took a miss) (I’m only a visual artist every other year).

Next time someone asks me how The HopeShow is going to make money, I’m going to tell them that I charge a quarter every time someone asks me that question. We’ll be sipping Piña Coladas in the Caribbean in no time.

  • (according to the website copy) going to Ignite in Dallas, and the 100 Local Artists and Bands are going to Conspire, Combine, and React. I guess as long as I don’t have to Synergize I’ll be ok.

** The internets has mades me very excessives with the plurals.