“Wow I’ve never seen a priest smoke before. Especially not Camel regulars.”

“Or known a priest who played in a Led Zeppelin cover band.”

“Holy shit! You must be the coolest priest ever!”

“Cigarettes, Guinness, and sex with my girlfriend. These are my only vices. I pay indulgences by hanging out with the likes of you.”

“And the Zep’?”

“I have it on the highest authority that Jimmy Page is Jesus’ favorite singer.”

“Is that right?”

“It’s partly the hair, of course. The sheolic production of Jesus Christ Superstar has been on hold awaiting his arrival. Omnipotent, trinitarian beings make awful producers.”

“Don’t you kind of have to be a schizophrenic asshole to be in the musical making business?”

“Or gay.”

“Of course.”