Tom Conlon - Live in College Station

Tom Conlon - Live in College Station (2007) (76M ZIP)

[][3]Board recording + editing by yours truly. Feel free to leave comments if something sounds off. Every track was leveled differently, both in the original off the board (Tom is a very dynamic player – two tracks– Resisting and (I think) Little World–were clipped on the original, and their quality suffers accordingly) and within the editing software. Anything done in the latter environment can be changed. Also, the first 11 tracks were compressed differently than the last 7. I may update with a consistent bitrate/compression codec. Finally, I cut out some extra noise in between some of the tracks, and did fade ins and fade outs where I deemed it appropriate. I tried to get the whole show to run together seamlessly without any excess, but let me know if something sounds awry.

Was going to post these to but their requirements were too much trouble (primarily the one where the artists have to be on an approved list before anyone can upload any live recordings of them–and the people I have live recordings of are pretty far underground). So the Integration Research Creative Commons Content Boutique starts today. More to follow!

  1. Resisting

  2. Sweetheart

  3. Am I In Trouble

  4. Black Star (Radiohead)/For My Home/Where the Streets Have No Name

  5. The One That Runs In Me

  6. Emmanuel (Story)

  7. Emmanuel

  8. El Paso And I Am Unholy (Story)

  9. El Paso And I Am Unholy

  10. Sacred Things

  11. Lay Your Head

  12. Leaning (Story)

  13. Leaning

  14. Little World

  15. Birds Fly

  16. Your Piano (Story)

  17. Your Piano

  18. I Am Thine, O Lord

And if anyone wants individual tracks, also let me know (but I figure everyone has bandwidth these days and can just grab the whole thing).